Century Run


Century Run (May 22, 1999)

I broke my record for getting up early for the Century Run. I started counting birds at 5:15am (not as early as many of the other participants, but earlier than I have ever started before). I started unpacking the car this evening at 9pm. Here was my route: Gansevoort - Fort Edward - Hadley Mountain area - Moreau Lake State Park - Gansevoort - Saratoga National Historical Park - Stillwater - Cold Spring Rd - Saratoga Lake - Saratoga County airport - Saratoga Spa SP - Ballston Lake outlet - Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve - Mohawk River (Crescent/Cohoes) - Gansevoort. The places I spent any amount of time at: Fort Edward, Hadley Mtn area, and Vischer Ferry. The rest of the spots were just quick checks for a few specific birds.

Was I successful? I feel happy with my efforts, although there were some glaring holes in the list. Total species for the day was 115 (I think this is my second best list). I may still run outside to see if I can grab an owl, but most likly, I am finished.

Highlights: (in order of sighting) American bittern, Henslow's sparrow, grasshopper sparrow, upland sanpiper, spotted sandpiper, Swainson's thrush, purple martin, horned lark, vesper sparrow, greater yellowlegs, least sandpiper, lesser yellowlegs, solitary sandpiper, fish crow, and Virginia rail

I hope everyone else is happy tonight, too! Good birding, all


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