This pelican knows how to travel


Interesting that the pelican disappears from time to time. I'm sure it's the same bird I spotted in Hudson, NY on 8 August, due to the same dingy breast/necklace that I see in the Cohoes pictures.

I can attest that when it's on the move it travels far and quite fast. It's possible that during its absences from Cohoes, it moves far afield to places like Hudson or even further without much effort.

More than a week ago I watched the bird for as long as I was able, until the magnificent flyer was reduced to a dot far away upriver. There are so many good habitats north of Hudson that I figured I'd never see it again.

To my amazement, in 20 minutes it had returned to the same 100 square feet of water from which it had flown away. Then, early next morning, gone again.

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