A Birding Moment

Louis J. Esch <lesch1@...>

At 6:25 this morning, I observed the copulation of a pair of PILEATED
WOODPECKERs. I first noticed the birds through my bay window. They were
on an upward slanting limb in a tree at the edge of the woods behind our
house. The female was in a crouched position with rump elevated. The male
moved up the limb from behind and mounted.

Afterward, the male flew off across the ravine to the south.

After a minute or so, the female flew down to the base of our Pitch Pine,
just 20 feet from my window. She worked up the trunk eight feet to a small
suet feeder, fed for about a minute, then flew off down our driveway and
across the street to the north, in the opposite direction from the male!

While the female was at the feeder, she was illuminated by the light of the
rising sun reflected from our bay window, as though she was in a brilliant

A great sight!

Lou Esch

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