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Biden brings plan for prescription drug pricing reform to Congress – Healthcare Economist By Eli Camhi ·
sticky Use of Injectable CAB/RPV LA as Replacement ART in Virally Suppressed Adults (≥ 18 Years Old) With HIV - AIDS Institute Clinical Guidelines By Eli Camhi ·
amfAR :: Cost of HIV Treatment Rising :: The Foundation for AIDS Research :: HIV / AIDS Research By Eli Camhi ·
NATAP/CROI: HIV Prevention Report-Renee Heffron, PhD, Connie Celum, MD By Jules Levin ·
Study finds efforts to increase nurse practitioners prescribing buprenorphine falls short By Eli Camhi ·
New York state budget delays 340B ‘carve-out’ for two years | WBFO By Eli Camhi ·
Governor Cuomo Announces Highlights of FY 2022 Budget Including a 2 Year Delay Transition of Medicaid Pharmacy Benefit By Eli Camhi ·
Neutrons reveal unpredicted binding between SARS-CoV-2, hepatitis C antiviral drug -- ScienceDaily By Eli Camhi ·
Researchers hunt for drugs that keep HIV latent -- ScienceDaily By Eli Camhi ·
Read "The Young Injectables," a Harm Reduction Comic Book By Eli Camhi ·
Leyden Labs unveils €40M for medicines that could prevent Covid-19 & more - MedCity News By Eli Camhi ·
Scientists Seek Covid Treatment Answers in Cheap, Older Drugs By Eli Camhi ·
NATAP-CROI: New HIV Drugs & New PrEP Therapies By Jules Levin ·
CROI 2021 Reports- New HIV Drugs/PrEP/Aging-Comorbidities/Weight Change/COVID & HIV/Complications By Jules Levin ·
Judge halts 340B dispute rule, siding with Eli Lilly in lawsuit over program | American Pharmacists Association By Eli Camhi ·
Gilead, Merck collaborate to develop long-acting HIV treatment By Eli Camhi ·
PrEP for HIV: How It Works, Who It’s For, Side Effects, and More By Eli Camhi ·
Drug Channels: The Promise and Limits of Digital Pharmacies By Eli Camhi ·
HIV research yields potential drug target -- ScienceDaily By Eli Camhi ·
Drug rebates will remain… but so will pressure to reduce drug prices and demonstrate value By Eli Camhi ·
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