w0rw/pm on 10,116 @ 1700z, 8 March 2017; SSB @ 1800z


i will be out in the Park  hiking on the trails for some exercise today

on 10,116 +/-1 kHz CW at 1700z, 8 March 2017,
SSB at 1800z on 14285 +/- 5 kHz.
I will be using my PRC319 with a 10 foot whip.
This short antenna is -10 dB from a full sized quarter wave whip.

The Wx is warm at +55F.
You can see my rig pictures at:
The PRC319 is a fixed frequency radio, so you must zero beat me for me to hear you.
It is mounted on a ALICE Backpack and weighs about 25 pounds with the LiIon battery pack.
You can see the PRC319 Action Video at:
I am not in the video but I was there when they made it.

Paul w0rw