w0rw/pm in GOG: 1600z, 14 March 17, 14285 kHz.


Date: 14 Mar. 2017,  Tuesday.
Type of Operation: Pedestrian Mobile in GoG.
Call Sign: w0rw/pm.  
Operator: Paul.

SSB: 1600z , (1200 EDT), 14285 kHz +/- 5.  
CW: 1700z, 14061 +/-1 kHz.

Location: 'Garden of the gods' Park.
State: Colorado.
Elevation: 6400 Feet.
Weather: +70F.
Trail Name: Palmer Trail.   
County: El Paso. 
City: Colorado Springs. 

Additional site info: 
The Garden of the gods park is the most spectacular park in Colorado. 
You can see the towering red sand stone rocks at the foot of snow covered Pikes Peak

Equipment: PRC319 Military Backpack, The PRC319 only weighs about 25 pounds.
For more Pedestrian Mobile info see: .

Power: 50W. 
Antenna: 10 foot center loaded whip w/Drag Wire. 
Power source: 28V, 6AH, 14 cell LiIon Battery. 
Propagation: Fair, F = 70, A = 10. 
Propagation Beacons: Check WWV on 15 MHz for propagation to CO. 
I will be 5 's' units weaker.    
If you have not received your Full Color Gog QSL card, now is your chance to get one.

Paul w0rw/pm,