Veit Nam Radio on 10116/14061/14280 kHz, 4 Sept 17, 1500z


Great info and good luck!
We have 77's and 352's in our club

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w0rw/pm using a Viet Nam PRC74 backpack radio,  5 Sept 2017, Tuesday.
Times & Freeks: 

 1500z  (1100 EDT),  10116 kHz +/- 1.

 1530z (1130 EDT),  14061 kHz +/- 1.

1600z (1200 EDT),   14280/14285 kHz.

Listen for WWV on 15 MHz, if you can hear them i will be 6 "S" units weaker.
Equipment:  PRC74B which is a solid state, fully synthesized, 1964 military backpack radio.  
It runs 20 watts output, (You need 20 W these days).
This radio spent 40 years in a junk yard and is now back on the air !
(See pictures and info at : <>.

It is mounted on an ALICE backpack frame with the AS-1887A 8 foot antenna and drag wire.
I use a special low pass filter to block the 2nd harmonics, See  QRP Quarterly  July 2016, p.37.
i have an Elecraft T-1 tuner on it to get the final match.
The entire rig weighs 31 (heavy) pounds and that's with the light  Li-Ion (3S2P) battery pack.
The PRC74 is a Special Forces Radio used for long range comms.
Other radios used in Viet Nam were the PRC25 and PRC77 for short range FM communications,
30-76 MHz, 2W.
QTH: Out in the park, Not a SOTA.

 You can read more about those radios in KI0PF's, book..."MIL SPEC RADIO GEAR",
or see a PRC74 Video at
made by Steve wg0at.
My QSL Card is a color picture of the PRC74B on an ALICE Pack.
Paul   w0rw