Strong Sporadic E propagation today 10 meters open

Bonnie KQ6XA

Today, we have very strong Sporadic E propagation. 

10 meters is open. 

18 MHz is open.


"Sporadic E" also known as "Es" provides excellent HF and VHF propagation that works well, even for very low power  portable or /Pedestrian Mobile operation.


It won't last long, so, get out and enjoy it. 


-Bonnie KQ6XA

Peter Parker

It's great fun.  A lot of people think that 10m dies when the sunspots vanish but that's not completely true. 

A video from a few days ago


Bonnie KQ6XA

Very strong signals here on 18, 21, 28 MHz today.
Short skip sporadic E.
-Bonnie KQ6XA