QRP to the Field (QRPttF) is the QRP Field Day, 22 April 17,


QRP to the Field (QRPttF)  is the QRP Field Day, 22 April 17.

Rules, information, and babbling commentary here:

Regular SSB and CW QRP frequencies will be used.
The Theme this year is "A River Ran Through It' (The title of a  popular movie).

I checked my map and I could get to the headwaters of the Rio Grande or Colorado River but I chose instead a nearby creek. 

Cripple Creek!

There are numerous stories about how the City of Cripple Creek, Colorado, was named. The most recounted story is of a cow that fell while crossing the small stream that flowed through Poverty Gulch, resulting in the statement, “That’s some Cripple Creek.” .  

I will be operating from the head waters of  the Creek in Poverty Gulch for QRPttF,

 (In April at 10,000 feet the Creek may still be frozen). There will be a special Cripple Creek QSL card available.

I will be on 14060 - 14065 kHz around 1700 - 2000z.

Gold was discovered in Cripple Creek in the fall of 1890.

By 1894, what had been a quiet, serene cattle ranch was a booming gold camp of about

50,000 people. The small camp was to become the fifth richest gold strike in the world, a legacy that

continues today with a still actively producing gold mine.

You can check the weather on the webcam at:


There is a book about the area at:


 and a map here:


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