KK4NQQ FT-857 Build


Good day Everyone!

I was redirected here from the Yahoo site by Mac WT4BT so I will continue my build thread here.

As stated in the other thread I plan to build an 857D rig for SOTA and Emcomm applications.  So far this is my build list:

Yaesu SCU-17 Data Interface
Bioenno 12V, 20Ah LIFEPO4 Battery
YT-100 Autotunner
Super Antenna or linked dipole
Eberlestock FAC Pack

I have begun by making templates of the parts to figure out how I am going to build my enclosure.  I am going to build the enclosure utilizing cardboard composite construction with either Kevlar or fiberglass reinforcement.

So far I have had great advice on beefing up the battery cable, battery suggestions, cable clearance, and the most recent was concerns dealing with running 100w in an enclosed pack (Thanks again Mac WT4BT)
The design of the pack will allow me to unzip the radio pouch and expose the radio components and also to cool the rig.  I can stow the loose flap with some of the retaining straps.  I can still zip up the pack and pull over the rain cover in order to keep out the elements.

Anyone please feel free to leave comments or advice.  All will be appreciated!


So I purchased the FT 891 and have begun assembling the components.  I will have to take a few pics of the inside when I have everything wired up.