Hello again from another Yahoogroups refugee

Oliver Barrett

Hello all,

I decided during this year's Pacificon that I've been away from portable HF for too long (I did a lot of pedestrian mobile in the past, especially on 60M, still my favorite band).  I've upgraded my gear and will be active again soon.  Good to see a few familiar calls still active on here, and look forward to meeting some new ones on the air.

Hard to replace the void at Pacificon left since the passing of Ken Chong, WB6MLC early this year, which I mentioned just before the transition.  For those that may have missed this, Ken was very active in HFPack in the past, and had a special interest in digital modes, and recently, with magnetic loop antennas.  He will be missed.

Oliver Barrett  KB6BA

Bonnie KQ6XA

Welcome back, Oliver.
No way to replace Ken WB6MLC.
But, he inspired us.

-Bonnie KQ6XA