echo on 40 meter qso's 09 07 2017


was on a rag chew QSO Thursday night about 730 eastern time
BIG  echo on all stations in group 3 in west central wv at parkersburg wv
1 near boone nc    one in north fla    1in wisc 
all less than 100 watts    VERY LOUD ECHO'S on all stations on freq 7285

and all could hear each other
have not heard sigs like this since working backscatter on 10 meters in the late 70;s early 80's
DAVE wd8cyv

Bonnie KQ6XA

If you have a recording, you can look at the echo on a scope. 
Time the length of the echo, and determine the distance the radio wave traveled. 
Perhaps long path echo?

Also on Thursday, I noticed strange echo-like phase distortions on many signals, including WWV and WWVH on 10 MHz. 
I'm estimating by ear that they seemed to be around 100 milliseconds. 

Magnetosphere ducting and other types of phenomena are possibly responsible for long-echo propagation.