CW Pedestrian Mobile

Bonnie KQ6XA

/PEDESTRIAN MOBILE CW key attached to belt with gaffers tape, for walking while sending on HF.

This works with a mini paddle/keyer also, but I like the straight key better for /PM.

I've had many wonderful walking QSOs with this setup, using the Vertex VX-1210 radio, Super Antenna MP1 SuperWhip, single dragging wire counterpoise, and the russian manpack straight key shown in these photos.


Ray Nelson

Where would one acquire one of those items for my Yaesu FT-891, that I'm putting together a backpack rig like yourself?

Ray Nelson N4FDT

Bagdad, KY

Bonnie KQ6XA

Which items do you need?

-Bonnie KQ6XA


Just look what arrived in the post today from The Ukraine.  Now I won’t have any excuses for poor CW!  Its small size means it will fit on the /PM chest table easier than the j37 key.

Many thanks to Bonnie, KQ6XA for giving the heads up.