ALE Ops Needed Re: Dominica Airlift HF Support

Bonnie KQ6XA

ALE operators are needed to help support disaster relief flights in the Caribbean area.

Volunteer ham radio operators who live in the following areas are asked to activate their home ALE HF stations: 

+ Caribbean islands

southeastern USA

eastern USA

Central America

northern South America

areas that have good HF propagation to Caribbean


If you can volunteer some of your spare time to put your ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) station on the air, even on a single frequency, please see the HFLINK.NET website to text chat with other ALE ops.


We will be using the HFL (voice) and HFN (text/data/sounding) channel sets. 

The following frequencies will probably be the most active.

14346.0 kHz USB 

7296.0 kHz USB 

5371.5 kHz USB 


Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA 

HFLINK International Coordinator