A Return To The Salt Marsh


I went out /P this evening; my first bit of operating since my return from holiday some 10 days ago. I deployed on the salt marsh at 17:30 UTC and operated with 40W of SSB to an EFHW for 20m. The rig was an FT857. The band was mostly busy with European stations but early on in the deployment I heard (but could not work) V53DX in Namibia and A41CK in Muscat.

I did manage QSOs with IT9DOR; SV1LHZ; OE3IDE; SP4YPB; YU7AOP; EA6/EI6DX; and my old pal Wynand, V51WW in Namibia. As I was preparing to finish operating I heard (but could not break the pile up) ZS6OAJ who was keen to work Italian stations. So a path to southern africa was definitely open.

It was good to get back on the salt marsh after a six week absence even though the 17mph wind took some of the warmth out of the sun. I operated two hours of hunt and pounce. I left the site 20mins after sunset so probably had the benefit of some grey line propagation.

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