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HFLINK is an international information exchange for ALE Automatic Link Establishment and HF Selective Calling. Selcall and ALE HF Radios. Global ALE High Frequency Network HFN - Amateur Radio - Ham Radio - Emergency Disaster Relief Communications - HF Interoperability - ALE Information - Software - Selcall - Digital HF - HF Land Mobile - Emcomm - Auxcomm 

Radio operators, networks, transceivers antenna systems hardware software controllers development communications organizations HF internet amateur radio HF Frequency Coordination MIL-STD 188-141 FED-STD-1045 Selcall CCIR-493-4 Global ALE High Frequency Network HFN digital radio wireless system interconnected terrestrial HF stations Ham Radio HF HamRing Ham Ring digitalradio Remote areas MARSALE MARS-ALE PCALE PC-ALE HF Interoperability is Emcomm HFN HF Link. Some of the ALE and Selcall radios that are discussed: VX-1210 VX-1200 Codan NGT 2110 Envoy Barrett 2050 Harris RF Micom 2 3 Z Icom IC-F8101 IC-F7000 HF Kenwood TK-90, Land Mobile NGO

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