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As I'm writing this I'm compiling the latest version of clang in hopes of circumventing the z/Architecture negative indexes code generation "bug" present on the GCC compiler. I also want to avoid the EBCDIC formatting problems present on GCC. Hopefully i can use EBCDIC normally without any barriers (such as spurious warnings).

Now for the main question: z/Architecture Hypervisor and Virtualization Technologies

I have recently taken interest in going further to develop UDOS into a more wide scope. This is by allowing UDOS to act as a hypervisor for let's say running z/OS under a VM and z/Linux too.

How can i accomplish this task, what hypervisor functionality i need? Is this even achievable?

Another question: Modifying IBM millicode

Achievable or outright impossible? I've heard it's not possible but i may be wrong.

How to drive the timer?

I'm trying to activate the timer, I'm using the SET TIMER and STORE timer instructions and set it to a positive value that should generate an external interrupt once it goes to the negative. But no external interruption is recognized - what am i doing wrong?


- jesus

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