Re: new blood

Tony Harminc

On Tue, 31 Aug 2021 at 05:54, Joe Monk <> wrote:

PSW=00042001 80000000 0000000000005874

Bits 31 and 32 are on, so this is AM64. Bit 5 is off, so no DAT.

R1= E2

Those give an address of 0x10009E578 (R2+R4+x'FFF')

So, you're trying to store x'E2' at 10009E578. 10009E578 is 4295615864. Looks like thats
above the top of 4GB, which is probably why youre getting a translation exception for that
address. with DAT off.
How can any kind of translation exception occur with DAT off? (Well
perhaps if the instruction is LRA or LURA or something, but clearly
this is not the case here.) Is this perhaps a Hercules messaging

Wait - is this some wonky version of Hercules?

23:37:30 HHCCP016I CPU0000: Program interrupt loop: PSW=000E0000 80000444 FF00000000000000
That Program new PSW is invalid, and hence loops upon the first
program check. Bit 12 is on, which is not allowed in zArch mode.

Tony H.

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