WAS fill-in ??


Hi Tony,

You have asked a reasonable and intellegent question. Just with my short
experience with Logger, yet years with using a PC both Mac and IBM formats, I
think you are probably stuck with manual. When I set Logger up, I went back
and input all of my DXCC and IOTA QSL cards.

Even though many of those DXpedition QSL's included multiple band/mode QSO's,
I had to input all of the fields each time. One would think that, when you
have already entered an IOTA for one of those "ADD" QSO's, it would bring it
up the next time you added another, and then automatically set the S/R bullet
for QSL sent and received for the same call. (I believe Logger DOES include
an IOTA when you enter another call in the new QSO window, and it DOES set
the S/R bullet in the ADD window when one tabs there).

One thing you can do is to use the new QSO window to enter a call. Logger
will access the Callbook CD ROM, then you can highlight and copy the state in
the blue window, and then paste it in the log's state window. (Control-C and
Control-V) Do those keystrokes work with Logger?

One thing I would like to see changed to help in this regard, is to be able
to set and maintain a stationary window on the log page. It was frustrating
to have to continue to scroll back every time I entered an ADD QSO. Each
time the log would return to the end of the page, which quickly totaled over
1,000 DXCC and IOTA QSO's. If you could maintain your log page stationary,
tracking your WAS QSO's would be easier when going back and forth between the
new QSO window and the STATE box on the log.

I'll keep my eyes open here for some more indepth input; ready to learn more
as well.


Jack, KN7Y

Tony Bean <tonybean@...>

I've been using LOGGER some time now... love it. But, I recently moved to a
new State and now I want to work WAS again from Vermont. However, the WAS
configuration for LOGGER has been turned off all the time I've used it, and
consequently, there are hundreds of U.S. hams I've worked since living here
whose state is not recorded...

Is there any way to have LOGGER search my CD-ROM database (Flying Horse) and
extract the State field from it and then insert it into any QSO whose WAS
field is empty??? I can do it manually, but that's really time consuming.


Tony Bean
W1SVU (ex W5SVU)

Bob Furzer <n6bfm@...>

At 09:22 PM 07/03/2000 -0400, you wrote:
??? I can do it manually, but that's really time consuming
I could write the code. But that too is time consuming.