Version 4 update and manual

David Hooper

My thanks to Bob and all the others who had a hand in this. This is the first time I've written to the group even though I have been using Logger 32 for many years and also been a member of the group. I am not a power user of Logger32 but I've never had a problem the manual did not help me solve, plus all the good info from this group. My installation went smoothly with no problems. I especially want to say how wonderful the latest manual is. I've been retired for 25 years as an engineer mostly working with technical documentation for military, telecom, and computer projects. We were just beginning to work on online documentation when I retired and I never imagined how far documentation could come in 25 years. I can barely imagine the huge amount of work that you all put into the manual (and the software) WOW!!!

Thank you - thank you - thank you!!!

David Hooper N4DE