v4.0.266 auto-update is on-line ...


Rick, the wedge code for theSteppIR is identical. If the appropriate Bi and 180 LEDs light upon the VUC, and you have the checkbox checked to shoe VUC Bi/180 (which you do), then I see no reason the wedge is not showing as expected. 73.

On 06/13/2021 3:04 PM Rick Williams - VE7TK via groups.io <ve7tk@...> wrote:
'It' is the same picture you see on page 629. This is the picture I anticipated. Unfortunately my display is still uni-directional. A reboot of Win10 did not solve the issue.

Typically this type of issue is pilot error on my part. I will await other Steppir/Ultrabeam users advice.

73, Rick

Rick Williams - VE7TK

I have it resolved and all is well. There was a debate over who had control of the SteppIR COMPORT!

As we agreed - pilot error at this end. Thanks for the help.

73, Rick

Panos <sv1grn@...>

Hi Bob recalculate statistics works ok thank you. Can you make the distance coloumn sortable please? 73

Andreas Rehberg

..after recalc of the stats all stations in the wsjt-x bandmap are marked as being new here..
back to 265 all good agn
73, Andy, DF4WC

Gary Hinson <Gary@...>

Hi Andy.


I wonder if this is a consequence of the UDP BandMap only being updated periodically?  The recalculate statistics function starts by erasing all the current statistics, hence every spot is ‘a new one’ at that point and they are all highlighted.  Then Logger32 works its way systematically through the log, rebuilding the statistics as it goes.  Spots on the regular band maps are checked and the highlighting is adjusted during the process but the UDP BandMap is (I think) only checked and updated when the next batch of UDP messages arrives from JTDX|WSJT-X: if no new batch of decodes arrives, the UDP BandMap remains as it was, fully highlighted.


At least, that’s my understanding.


I guess once the stats are fully recalc’d, you can clear the UDP BandMap and wait for it to re-fill when new UDP messages arrive with new FT8 decodes.  I think they will be correctly highlighted.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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..after recalc of the stats all stations in the wsjt-x bandmap are marked as being new here..
back to 265 all good agn
73, Andy, DF4WC

Andreas Rehberg

That's exactly what I saw after reverting to 265, Gary.
Unfortunately not with 266. Even after a restart of the PC ist showed all calls as being new.
But well, since noone else seems to see this it must be something on my end.
Will try agn with 267 :-)
73, Andy, DF4WC