V4.0.257 Telnet issue

Gary Hinson

OK Mike:


  1. After “some time” (Seconds?  Minutes?  Hours?  Days?), the telnet window “goes blank” (but the image shows it still has the tabs and grey ‘boilerplate’ text).  Do you mean the telnet DX Cluster connection is dropped?  If you right-click the “blank” window, does it show the ‘Connect to …’ (implying it has disconnected) or ‘Disconnect’ (implying it is still connected but the spots aren’t displaying) menu options in normal text/which one is greyed out?  On the status line at the bottom of Logger32’s main window, is the cluster text red (disconnected) or blue (connected)?


  1. What is “RMB menu”?  What is “usual menu to connect”?  You’ve lost me there!


  1. How do you normally connect to DX Cluster – a single telnet connection to a specific cluster, or several connections on different tabs in the Cluster window, or CC User, or something else?


More details please!



Gary  ZL2iFB



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After some time telnet window goes blank. No way to get RMB menu to get usual menu to connect. Only way to get it working is to restart L32.