User Manual updated for version 4.0.254

Gary Hinson

… with a revised callsign lookup chapter.


You should all be able to get the current Logger32 v4 User Manual from Logger32’s Help menu:



It should look like this, now:



If you see an older version, you may need to refresh the web page by clicking the browser’s refresh button     or pressing control+F5.


If there is no “User Manual” listed on your Help menu, or if it goes nowhere, use <Setup Help menu options> to fix it.  It should look something like this …



… where the Help URL is:


You can give it a different caption (name) if you like, and tick the <Visible> box to show it on the Help menu.


The second row lets you set up an additional Help menu option if you wish, with its own caption and URL e.g. to open the online user manual for your radio, or to visit for the current solar and geomagnetic data.  It simply opens the specified URL in your default browser, like opening a bookmark.


Click <Apply> to save the changes.



Gary  ZL2iFB