tell your friends about the new list

Fred Decker <fdecker@...>

Hello everyone,

There are a few people who have found their way here already. As you know, the old list was deleted and all files, archives, messages, etc are gone. I am talking with egroups to see if we can at least get the archives back.

Could you please go through your addresses and old emails and see names that aren't on the list yet and send them a quick note about finding us over here? They just have to send a mail to hamlogger-subscribe@... If everybody tells two people to tell two people... you get it. :)

We probably will keep this name, but will look at trying to get the old name back. Since that is already mentioned in Logger's help file, either we have to change or the author would have to updated this file. I don't want to keep jumping around because there are a lot of links on web pages, and stored addresses in people's mailboxes that they have to keep changing. I'll keep you posted, the final decision will be made within 2 weeks. If I go back to the old name, all people subscribed here will automatically be subscribed to the correct list, they would just have to change the email address in their software for when they want to address a new message. Thanks.