RSP1A and SDRConsole as Panadapter on Slave Port

John, G4DRS

I have the FTdx5000 with the RSP1A connected to the 9MHz IF output.
I use Logger32 as my logging software and SDRConsole V3 as my panadapter display.
I have VSPE set up to split off COM 1 (the physical port connected to the radio) to COM 2 (the port Logger32 talks to the radio on. I also have VSPE creating a serial port Pair (com15 and com 16) for the logging software to use as its 'Slave' port.
Long story short, I can either get the SDRConsole display to show the radio frequency, but see no signals, or I can get the SDRConsole to show me all the signals in the 9MHz IF passband, but showing only 9MHz on the frequency display.
I have a suspicion I might need to meddle with the External Radio windows, but I have managed to Hide those, never to be seen again.
Does anyone have an idiot's guide to getting this combination working?
It has the potential to be a great setup, but it's not quite there yet, so I need some assistance.