Juanjo Gamero

First of all, I want to thank the developers of this program for the great work they have done with v4.

I have installed a Remotebox by EA4TX (the same as ARS-USB) that is used to control a remote antenna switch if it receives the information from the working band.
It can be done in 2 ways:

1- Receiving the "band data" directly from the radio (mine is a Icom and this does not work well)

2- Communicating directly with the program that controls the radio (compatible with N1MM, Wintest, Dxlog..... and with other programs that work with Omnirig).

With WSJT-x via omnirig it works perfect, but unfortunately it is not compatible with Logger32. In version 3 it worked partially, sharing the serial port with omnirig, but since version 4 I can't use it, because pop-ups with errors continually appear.

I have tried to configure in logger32 a "slave port" and an "echo port" to share the CAT information with omnirig, but I haven´t achieved, I don´t know if I don´t configure it correctly, or if it can't work this way.

Can anyone give me any idea how to share the frequency information from logger32 to the Remotebox?

Thank you in advance
Juanjo EA2A