[psk31] Sound Blaster 16 IDE PnP card; model CT2940

Vince <wa2rsx@...>

Hi Bob:

Thanks for ur info/input.
I have received so many replies directly to my INBOX and all have brought me to
the following conclusion(s):

If truly PnP, WIN95 should find the appropriate device driver on the WIN95
CDrom for the CT2940.
The www.creativelabs site should (and it has) lead me to the required device
driver. I did find a cross ref table that I.D.ed the CT2940 as a IDE PnP card
Right now, this shack is a real mess, but when I get the chance I shall install
the CT2940 SB16 card and see what happens.

Thanks again, Bob, and all the others that have offered good advice.

73s es HAVE FUN !
WA2RSX, permanently on IOTA NA-026.

Robert Lay wrote:

Dear Vince,

The model CT2940 does not ring a bell, but I would be surprised if Win 95
does not have a driver for that card. Have you installed it and told Win 95
to find a driver for it? If you haven't, then you should try that. The
Creative Labs driver situation is murky at best.