ODP: [hamlogger] XMMT.OCX not correctly registered

Andy VA3PL

Thanks Gary for suggestions.
I am not at that computer yet but I think I forgot to run Logger as administrator so as Bob suggests I will do it a bit later on today.
Andy SP9KR

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Temat: Re: [hamlogger] XMMT.OCX not correctly registered

The Logger32 installer generally handles this just fine, so an easy option should be to deinstall then reinstall Logger32 and let it update itself, AFTER having first made a safety backup of your log (e.g. copy the entire Logger32 directory to a USB stick, then take it out of the drive and stash it somewhere safe) just in case things go horribly wrong. 


Also there’s always the Universal Solution: reboot and hope for the best.  Roughly half of all mysterious PC/Windows/network problems are solved by a simple reboot … which is why solid state system disks are so popular I guess.


73 GL

Gary  ZL2iFB@home


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Subject: Re: [hamlogger] XMMT.OCX not correctly registered


On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 07:18 PM, Andy VA3PL wrote:

Error 339 (Component 'XMMT.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: File is missing or invalid)

in procedure Toolbar1_MouseUp or form MDIForm.


XMMT.OCX is in Logger


How to solve

Easy way: get rid of windows10 crapware and go back to 7.
Harder way: register manually.
Hard way: learn why and how win10 blocked registration of that file and force OS to do what is was asked. Could be impossible :)