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Andy VA3PL

Thanks for sharing your setting with us.
I think I tried this and it did not work but I will try it again.
I think I will stick with using WinKeyer as it has many features.

73 de Andy SP9KR

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Temat: Re: [hamlogger] CW machine

I think it is FUNC/CW setting/PC Keying for FTDX-101D.

Did you try this ?


On 2019/11/28 17:43, ja1nlx via Groups.Io wrote:

My setup with ic7610 for USB keying.

in CW machine setup window (software mode)

in ic7610 setup menu

"DTR" is selected for USB Keying (CW)

This works for me. I prefer Winkey mode though...


On 2019/11/28 17:28, ja1nlx via Groups.Io wrote:


CW machine use "DTR" pin for keying in software mode. I suppose

you should select "DTR" in FTDX101 menu.


On 2019/11/28 17:16, Andy None via Groups.Io wrote:
If you know how share you settings here so others can benefit.
Andy SP9KR

On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, 7:26:25 p.m. GMT+1, Mike <ch25@...> wrote:

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 10:29 AM, Andy VA3PL wrote:
Do you have plan in near (very near..hi hi) future to update CW machine so it will do CW trough USB in such radios that provide such capability?
It works that way.
73 de aki
73 de aki
73 de aki

Christian Friess

Hi Vince

Have you ever heard about ELECRAFT K3S. YES, they can! :-)

I am using my K3S with one USB cable controlled by N1MM no problems.
CW machine I have not used so far.

        I am afraid there are more menu items to set before that "Yaesu beast"
        will work.

vy 73 Chris, DL2MDU