Logger32 users

Jim Hargrave


The Logger32 ( group has 3856 members. We also have 30 volunteer BETA testers.


This users group was established to keep users informed of changes and help resolve problems encountered by users during the day to day operation of this software.

I encourage users to post any problem you encounter  to this group. If you have knowledge of the problem reported, please respond with suggestions that might be helpful to resolve the users reported problem. Please respond with enough detail and  reference to the original post. “Me too” and  “Mine  works ok” is not very helpful and just  delays resolution.


Bob / K4CY is the author and single programmer for the Logger32 software. This keeps him very busy and has once again requested that users please refrain from contacting him direct. The Beta testers monitor  the Hamlogger group and in most cases can help resolve problems without interrupting BOB’S activity.


Your respect and consideration is greatly appreciated!


Jim – w5ifp-