Logger32 disappeared, a possible cure


I am one of those who lost Logger32.exe and recovered it from the most recent update files folder.  Then it disappeared again.  This time I went to its properties (right-click on Logger32.exe and select Properties) and changed it to Read-only (bottom of the little page that comes up).  It no longer disappeared.  Wait...  Recently I tried to update and kept getting error messages about not being able to replace Logger32.exe, but it finally dawned on me: Remove Read-only property, update Logger32, and then set it to Read-only again.  This clumsy solution seems to work.  While Read-only is off, the update can take place, and with it on, whatever it is that is removing Logger32.exe cannot do that.

Logger forever!

I eagerly await Logger65 (because, like me, Bob believes in QRO).


Jan, KX2A