log qso funtion

Morris Wideman <m_wideman@...>

In my explanation I should have said log qso function which is in logbook window not logpage window. Look in logger help at "capturing a callsign", it mentions if your in real time logging from on air use of zakanaka double clicking inserts to data window which is the smaller log window has dx-conf.- clear across the top and beside the rst boxes is a field that when a call is inserted from zak changes to read logqso with time info and such,which I took to mean inserts the call into the logpage as hitting enter will do I thought maybe using this the call would not disapear from this window but still be transfered. Hitting return transfers data but callsign dispears and clears the macros you have set up for "call". Does that make any sense.
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Thanks Randy
That works just fine.