L32, HDSDR and COM1 ---- FT-1000MP

Markku OH2BLV

How config this or is it impossible ?
I  try use VPSE virtual COM port,   L32 slave or echo  and   HDRSD omni-rig setup.
Rig and L32   or   rig and HDSDR working alone perfect
Please help me. 

de Markku OH2BLV

Chuck Miller

I have an if-output installed in the Ft1000mp mkv field and the rsp1a connected to that. Then connected SDR-console to the Yaesu using Omni-Rig and then I connect Logger32 to the sdr-console using the external radio interface. Have a look at this thread near the bottom of page 2

If you are using a splitter (so the SDR is connected to the antenna instead of the if output) then you can use the method Rick N2AMG used.
73, Chuck

Markku OH2BLV

Hello everyone
Going back to my previous problem which was the simultaneous radio control (FT-1000MP) of two programs (HDSDR and L32) on the COM1 port. There were different arrangements on the way, and the computer had time to break down. The end result was what I wanted, LOGGER32 works properly with HDSDR.
Thanks to everyone who helped and we will be heard by the band

73 de Mark OH2BLV