FW: Logger 32 program

Jim Hargrave

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Hi Joe,

The simplest way to accomplish those changes Is:


Type the frequency in the “Call” box of the Log Entry window and press <Enter>

This will cause Logger32 to look up the frequency in the Bands and Mode chart. It will then set the frequency, Band and Mode

Now enter the callsign you want to log and it will update the window with any other info desired based on your QSO Mask.

You may occasionally have to make some changes due to overlap in the Bands and mode listing.


Verify the data and press <Enter> to log the QSO.


BTW, 3.50.410 has just been released.

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Jim, I need some help if you have the time. I have version 3.50.408 of logger 32. My issue is in the logging box. I am forever changing the Freq, mode and band. So I click on the freq, lets say 20m but I want to log a 80m qso.

When I click on the freq, a  box appears where I make all my changes and hit apply. My question, is there an easier way to change the freq, band and mode? My be with Macros?


And I don't have radio control.  Thanks in advance for your help.    Joe  W8GEX