FT4-FT8 best way to set up Bands and Modes?

Philip (G4OBK) Catterall


I'd like to establish the best way to set up bands and modes for the machine modes I use: FT8 and FT4. The way I have bands and modes set up now means I cannot get an aggregate overall DXCC total for both modes combined, when I look in Awards > DXCC

When I started using FT8 I set this up as a mode in its own right.  Some time later when FT4 came on the scene I set this up as a sub mode under MFSK. As a result I get seperate DXCC totals for FT4 and FT8. Ideally I would like to see both seperate scores and a combined MGM DXCC score for FT4 and FT8. 

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Great news about the upcoming V4 release and well done to Gary ZL2IFB and the team for producing the fantastic manual. 

73 Phil G4OBK 

John Munton - G7SSE

One possible way, if the only Digital Modes you use are FT8 & FT4, go to:
Tools > Database Maintenance > Setup Phone/Digital modes 
and un-tick everything bar those modes in the Digital Statistics column.

* You might then want to run a re-calc' of your statistics* 
Now when you open the DXCC Digital Award Table it should include only these modes (combined) under DXCC Digital.

The first selection box at the bottom of the table will allow you to select each individually.

John - G7SSE

Philip (G4OBK) Catterall

Hi John

Thanks for this info - this is how my Phone/Digital Modes arrangement is set, to suit the FTDX101 radio mode setup

So from the Awards DXCC table I can see each data mode stats individually, or I can see DXCC_DIGITAL - all added together. 

When I started using FT4 a year or two ago I appeared to have added this mode as a sub mode of MFSK. I cannot recall why. I don't use MFSK as a mode and cannot see in any part of the program where I can edit this out. Therefore if looking at the Awards credit screen the left hand bottom mode box when clicked looks like this for the modes I use:

I'd like to remove the MFSK line if I can and see the FT4 mode in its own right if possible, but I don't know how to do this. 

73 Phil 


John Munton - G7SSE

You cannot, FT4 is a sub mode of MFSK as per the ADIF specifications;
The selections available in my Award Table are the same:

73, John - G7SSE

Philip (G4OBK) Catterall

I'm with you now John regarding FT4 being a submode of MFSK. I'll do the re-calc and leave things as they are. Thanks for your help. 

73 Phil G4OBK

John Munton - G7SSE

No worries Phil.

See you on the waterfall maybe.
73, John - G7SSE