CW machine / FTdx101


Hello Guys.
I hope you and your folks are well.

Im a quit new member though,
I might find and could share one solution for Logger32's CW Machine with FTdx101.
(Please understand it's doing a job only my working condition at the moment.)

#0: System config:
      Rig: FTdx101MP(Updated to the latest firmware in Mar/2020)
      PC: Windows10/Ver1909 with i7/16Gb DDR
             (I think the latest security update was applied.)
      Logger32: Ver 3.50.410
      Additional software: 64bit licensed VSPE (0.941.5.134)
                                        ( )

#1 On FTdx101
   #1-1: CW KEYING of set-up menu -> DTR
   #1-2: Rear USB hooked to  PC USB port
   #1-3: USB CAT set 19200/8/N/2 for my case.

#2: On PC  (All number “x”s of COMx depend on your setup.)
  #2-1: Check from Windows device manager as:
         Silicon Labs Dual CP210X -> Enhanced COM Port(COM4)  for CAT
         Confirm COM4 is 19200/8/N/2 & no flow control from property menu.
         Silicon Labs Dual CP210X -> Standard  COM Port(COM5) 
         Confirm COM5 is 19200/8/N/1 & no flow control from property menu.

  #2-2: By VSPE,
        Create “Splitter” com port COM10 from COM4 for CAT control
         (My setting was 19200/N/8/2, no DTR, no DSR)
         Create “Splitter” com port COM11 from original COM5 for FT8, RTTY & CW Keying/PTT ).
          (My setting was 19200/N/8/1, no DTR, no DSR)
         Please take a look at screen shot “A” for the VSPE's modem registers setting.
  #2-3: Start these Splitter emulations.
#3: Run Logger32,
  #3-1: Check Logger32 CAT control & FT8 software work with COM10 virtual serial port.
          (BTW, I'm using FTdx5000 for JTDX’s CAT instead of FTdx101D. 101D is usnstable???)

#4 From Logger32’s CW Machine Config menu,
   #4-1: Chose “Software”
   #4-2: Please see my "Keyer Setup" screen shot “B”

It should start working,,,,!?
The UA9OV's CwType(ver2.30) can share the same Keying/PTT port with this Splitter com port
as well as directly connected standard COM port(COM5).

There are two key set-up points which I can't explain the reason.
 $1: Using the created virtual serial port (COM11 for me) instead of Silicon Lab’s standard COM for CW Machine
       and checking Logger32’s “USE dedicated serial port for CW” option.
       The other combinations didn’t work well so far.
 $2: VSPE cannot create Splitter com port from COM5 with 2 stop bits,
       so I needed to use 8/N/1 stop bit instead for Split COM11 from COM5 source.
It might or not work with FTdx3000,,, which I don’t have.
Sorry, I haven’t tried any other virtual serial port software
such as 32bit free version VSPE, OmniRig, COM0COM nor LP-Bridge.
Please try them if you have any chance.

PS: I don’t think the latest firmware update of 101 helped this CW issue,
but it gave me motivation to retry to improve my favorite Logger32 with FTdx101's CW mode.
Some bugs are fixed by this firmware, some still remain.

May the force be with you against new virus!

FB DX & 73.