Auto-update 3.50.399 is on-line ...


The Logger32 auto-update 3.50.399 has two new features for FT4/FT8 operators.

First: DX Spots of FT4/FT8 stations worked can now be made directly from both the Cherry-picking and Manual calling event viewer windows. When a station is automatically logged, a menu item SPOT is shown at the top of the window. Click the menu item and a preformatted DX Spot is sent.

Second: Historically, DX Spot want/need calculations have been based on the BandPlan mode applicable to the DX Spot frequency. With the advent of skimmers and reverse beacons, this functionality was enhanced so that DX Spots from skimmers and reverse beacons would do want/need calculations based on the mode in the comments field rather than the frequency. Now that FT4/FT8 is ubiquitous, it often appears outside its narrow segment. For example, the FT8 Fox/Hound mode of operation puts it outside the preferred band segment and want/need calculations are done for RTTY (or whatever the BandPlan mode is). To address this, this version of Logger32 attempts to determine the actual operating mode from the comments field and make want/need calculations accordingly. This feature is enabled by Right clicking on the DX Spots window. Click SETUP | APPEARANCE. Check the option IF THE FIRST WORD OF COMMENTS IS MODE, USE IT

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Ramon Paradell, EA3JI

Bug solved. Thanks Bob
Now Logger shows eQSL_SENT = Y when JTDX sent it to eQSL

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Today is a good day to have a GREAT Day!