A word of caution ...


Today's auto-update of v4.0.266 has a new menu option to recalculate statistics and at the same time recalculate distance based on gridsquare of the QSO.
For those who have a logbook that contains QSOs for a single callsign, or multiple callsigns but from a single QTH, no problem.
For those who have a logbook that has QSOs from multiple locations, you probably shouldn't use this option. Distance is calculated based on the current Latitude/Longitude entered into Logger32. So, all QSOs with a gridsquare that were made from a different QTH to the current Logger32 Latitude/Longitude will have incorrect distances.
I will add code so that will only recalculate distance if the QSO OPERATOR field matches the current Logger32 operator. Also, if the logbook has QSOs with more than one operator, the user will received a warning message.
You have been warned! SeventyThree(s)

Larry Fravel

They may have been warned but  - - - - will they listen?  Again thank you for all your hard work,

Larry K8YYY

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