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G4RRM Pete

Polite mail sent to the spotter






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That's it. I'll filter out the |s from the comments field. I will send a test version to the Beta testers shortly, but it will be a day or three before I distribute an update. In the mean time maybe you can contact of DX Spot originator and ask him to cease an desist.


There is a bullshit filter that allows you to remove garbage from the comments field, but it only applies to what shows on the Telnet/Localhost window



On 12/02/2022 10:12 AM Carey Magee <arsk2rny@...> wrote:



Is it possible it could be this spot?


Carey Magee, K2RNY

Rochester New York

Grid: FN13ef



On Fri, Dec 2, 2022 at 10:09 AM Bob <k4cy@...> wrote:

Jan, if you are seeing DX Spot markers on the map, then the latitude/longitude were read correctly. What you need to do is wait for the error to occur then look at the last DX Spot received in the Telnet (or Localhost) window. Where is the extra/unwanted |? SeventyThree(s).

On 12/02/2022 9:58 AM Jan <hamlogger@...> wrote:



This is what I see

73 Jan

Op 2-12-2022 om 15:26 schreef Bob:

Here's the deal ... When Logger32 positions one of those little squares on a map in the Tracking Window it records everything it knows about the DX Spot so it does not have to recalculate everything next time the DX Spot appears.


So, what information is stored. Right click on any DX Spot marker and you see a popup window like this:



Never mind what it all means but some fields are immediately obvious. It starts with the callsign of the DX Station. Next is the frequency. then country information. Notice that each field is separated with a |. Real simple/easy for your PC to extract the information.


On the bottom line, you will see Localhost|-5.5625|-119.95833. This is the source of the DX Spot, the Lat and Long of YC8ABD.


What happens if some bright spark makes a DX Spot where (for example) the originator is not K4CY-# but K4CY-|? The unexpected | in the string means that Logger32 extracts the word Localhost as the latitude. Not nice.


So, those who are experiencing the error need to do the detective work to identify where the unexpected | is coming from. Then hopefully I can make a quick fix.


Or something like this, SeventyThree(s).


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