I: Spot window freeze.. uncomfortable consultation.


To 'really' freeze the arrival of DX Spots, click here


On 12/02/2022 10:49 AM ik4dry Stefano Zoli - Alice mail - <sz.dry@...> wrote:

I humbly ask, if possible to be able to "really" freeze the SPOT window during consultation, because when you move the mouse over it, it actually blocks for the set time like TELNET.. but if a line arrives this resets everything and invalidates the function by moving all the content, in fact if in that while you click on a spot to recall it in the Operator Tab it escapes from under the mouse and you end up selecting something else, I tried to use the cursor on the window, instead of the mouse wheel, but it does the same thing, I find it stupid what happens and practically useless, I think it's fixable, for your goodness Bob ... by grabbing the buffer differentially when this function is invoked by the called timeout.

Thanks for your attention!

Happy holidays to all the crew. Steve

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