N4IS port problem almost solved


Hi Bob


Here the log and long  description of my problem. Just for the records.


  1. I am using the Radio Control panel to switch all my transverters form 144 to 24 GHz.
  2. The radio is an IC-7851. The macros, set the radio in XTVR, set the frequency offset
  3. The RCP shows the actual XTVR frequency and I can log a QSO on any microwave band. All works as it should, like a radio with 22 bands.


Before replacing the serial/ parallel board, I set up a serial port for 12 antennas. In my case the antenna is the transverter.


The problem with the antenna selector was the same with the serial port and the parallel port limits to antenna 1-7.


Then I decided to change one HF band to antenna #10. I changed the 30m antenna to #10.


Changed the radio to 30 m, and the antenna switch for the first time selected antenna # 10.


The strange behavior was that after changing the antenna for 30m, the LPT1 antenna selection begun to work correctly, and the serial port selection also started to work too.


I returned the 30m antenna selection on the band plan to #1, and both LPT1 and Serial port continues to work just fine.


Now all my transverter selection works as it should. I can select 10 GHz , and log a QSO with the right frequency, LPT1 select the transverter for 10 GHz, just beautiful.


I don’t know why it happen this way, but now the LPT1, serial port and manual selection is working very well,


I reported it just for the record, I never experienced a single problem with Logger32 since I starting using it back in 2003 give or take. It almost 20 years !   What a winner program.


Thank you guys and Bob for all the work to make the best logging program ever.