Sequencing and Color Questions

Bob, W3IDT

As these questions may be about the interface between Logger32 and JTDX, I'm taking the liberty of posting in both reflectors.

I have tried to look at the various manuals, guides, and reflectors, but either couldn't find answers or miss-read the material.

1. Sequencing Question
With "manual logging" in place, the following happens:
1a. I click on a CQ station on the (JTDX) Band Activity panel, and that station gets called.
1b. After working him, I get the manual log panel (as desired).
1c. I click "LOG",
1d. THEN Tx6 - my CQ message - is automatically transmitted.

I DO NOT want to CQ; I'm DXing.
How do I prevent the Tx6 from being transmitted?

2. Color Question
Colors on the (JTDX) Band Activity Panel:
I've set up a desired color scheme:
- Blues for new CQZ and ITUZ
(dark for Ever new, light for band/mode new),
- Greens for new Countries (Green - as in GO),
Also dark for Ever new, light for band/mode new.
- and Strike-out for worked already.
2b. Blues and strike-out seem to work fine, but
2c. I get Greens for countries
- already Ever worked ,
- worked on this band/mode, and
- even sometimes for calls worked before on this band/mode.

How do the color settings interact with the log?
How do I get only Green for new (ever or band/mode)?

Thank you.

Bob, w3idt
ps.Having lots of fun with Logger32 and JTDX.
Now on to learn about "Cherry Picking"
. Robert F. Teitel, W3IDT