Kevin J Prince

Hang on while I put my tin hat on, I know I'll get some flack.
OK, I am not connecting to the cluster.
When starting logger32 (V4.0.250) it's extremely slow. when it completes I have a small TCP Server window on the screen
It' helpfully tells me it's listening on port: 52001. 'Enable callsign lookup' is not ticked and 'Socket state' is showing a very dull green.
Pressing the Config tab gives the following:
  • Local IP   : 169,xxx,xxx,xxx   (not in any of my locally set ranges on the router)
  • LocalHost IP :
  • Port : 52001
My Telnet window shows nothing of any activity, TNC, Telnet, Messages, AGWpe and Localhost are all dark grey and each tab is none responsive with the exception of some random boxes changing, but no information shows.

The bottom line shows TNC in Blue and mouseover gives  'TCP socket listening on :52001'

window bottom-line shows 
Data Terminal RED
Cluster RED
Radio 1 Blue

I've read quite a few threads about similar issues, some I have tried and got nowhere.

I do have an active Firewall for both local and external address's
My Antivirus is MS 
The network is secure WiFi, only access from known MAC numbers. Hardwired all have full access.

Could anyone suggest where I need to be looking to sort this problem out, please?
I can no longer remember how to set most things, memory is not like it used to be.

Right Also have to add that I have reinstalled a couple of times now, along with my CW keying problem in another thread.

Right getting the sandbags ready to build a bunker in case it's something so stupid I need to hide.
73 de Kevin G0NUP