ODP: [hamlogger] Future rwquwst - Spot locally to Band Map

Andy VA3PL

I am getting old Pavel...hi hi . I am a long time user of Logger32 and some how I missed this option.
Thanks a lot Pavel.
I owed to you.
Take care


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Temat: Re: [hamlogger] Future rwquwst - Spot locally to Band Map
It is already in Logger. Bookmark callsign (Ctrl+B) or write call sign in call fiel starting with ! (!SP9KR)


On Sat, Apr 3, 2021 at 9:07 AM Andy VA3PL <va3pl@...> wrote:
Hi there Bob
Can we have option to spot callsign locally to Band map for later recall? Please.
Can I have this as a Easter gift?

Andy SP9KR
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Pavel, YT7TA
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