ODP: [hamlogger] Four instances of LogSync

Andy VA3PL

Thanks a lot Rick for an answer.
He will run one instance of LogSince at the time and I am helping him to set it up.

Andy SP9KR

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I do not see why he could not run the different instances of LogSync in separate directories. I am not sure if there would be any interactions if he tried running all 4 at the same time tho..


73 Rick N2AMG


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Friend of mine manages four callsigns. Two of his and two for his wife.

Because of difficulty managing LOTW for each calsign using LogSince he would like to have four separate instances of LogSinc? One for each callsign.

EG: He has four instances of Logger32 and he would like to have separate instances of LogSync in each Folder for Logger32.

Can it be done this way?


Andy SP9KR

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