ICOM adn Split issue

Rick EA4M

Hello all
Some Spanish guys have rerported an issue with their Icom equipments ( 7100 and 7400 )  . The problems appear when they pick a callsign from band map or write a station callsign into callsign box and they enter in split mode, if the optios clean callsign if qsy +1khz is selected , pushing the PTT the callsign is cleared, if the move the dial more than a Khz the the callsign is cleared too. I have an FT-2000 and it works perfectly.... Any idea apart from deselect the option clear callsgin if qsy +1khz....???

It is a bug or a missunderstanding?

Thanks a lot

Rick EA4M

Jose EA7BJ

I don't know if it is the same problem, but it is a possible solution