Auto Fill possible ?


Hello Logger32 friends,

  Long time user and member here, little ask.
I am approching 27,000 entries in logbook for Logger32.
Is there some service or something that I can do to auto fill states, IOTAs, name, etc in the missing sections of my logbook?
I signed up for QRZ XML and that is just current one plus later will figure out why not 100% working but wondering on my prior question on auto fill logbook.
Thank you, hope to QSO contact with some of you on the bands,
n0 odk 73


Karl Beckman WA8NVW - AFA5VB

I think I understand your request, but do have a few questions:
USA vanity callsigns change, some hams move to new QTHs but keep their old calls, ARRL changes Ontario VE3 section bouindaries, etc.
Do you have sources for all the missing details that are accurate as of the date of each legacy QSO?  If there i cosnflicting information, how will you decide which data source is correct? 
Karl  WA8NVW  OH