Reversing Logger32 DATE Order Between Most Recent & Oldest

Gerald Boutin


I think this is just the way it works. I see the same as you here. You can select different columns to sort on, but you cannot reverse the sort direction.

From the manual:


By clicking on a column heading, Logger32 will display your QSOs in ascending order sorted on that column.  When you select a column sort, that column's header will be displayed in red

Gerald, VE1DT



just order your Logbook page by QSO number, like this

73, Dave


I'm afraid not, Jim.  It remains with oldest on the bottom, newest on top. if I left click on CALL, it alphabetizes with Z's on the bottom, A;s on top.

I assume we are talking about the Logbook page.
Herb AA2BF

Jim K2QB

Herb a single left click on the QSO Date should flip the order.

Jim K2QB


After several months away from Logger32, I have forgotten how to do what the subject says.  I know there is an icon at the top of the "Logbook Page", where I should be able to call up the "Previous QSOs Window", but I get no response when I click on that icon. 

I was able to pull up the "Previous QSOs Window" before I attempted to add a fictitious QSO as a previous QSO.  At that time, I could right click on the "Previous QSOs Window" and get a single option to order the Logger Page DATEs with oldest on top and youngest at the bottom.  That option was checked.  When I unchecked it, nothing happened.

Now I cannot get the "Previous QSOs Window" to respond, even after deleting the fictitious QSO.  I really want to be able to flip the DATE order.  

Any ideas how to do that, and/or fix the problem with the "Previous QSOs Window"?

Herb AA2BF