L32Lookup's name...

Rick Ellison

Hi Steph..

Go to my website and download the latest version. I posted it last week to correct a change that QRZ made to the page format. It might ask you to uninstall the current version first. It has done that on a couple of systems I have been told..


73 Rick N2AMG


From: Steph, F5NZY [mailto:f5nzy@...]
Sent: Friday, July 24, 2020 12:13 PM
To: Rick Ellison <rellison@...>
Subject: L32Lookup's name...


Hi Rick,

Here is what I can report :

When ckecked QRZ HTTP your name does not appearin the L32Lookup.

It does with QRZ XML.

73 de Steph, F5NZY

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