dx spots to band maps

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For me, neither of the options you offer are correct. I did this test:

1) Took a healthy dose of Pepto-Bismol (anti-nausea medication)
2) Connected to the GB7UJS DX Cluster
3) Typed in SH/DX/99
4) Saw the same worthless vomit of worthless and gratuitous 'DX' Spots in the DX Spots Window and on the 17M BandMap
5) Disconnected from GB7UJS
6) Took a long hot shower
7) Replied to your eMail


On June 18, 2020 at 1:02 AM "stevemm0sjh via" <mm0sjh@...> wrote:

My start up with show dx  in the command part of telnet dont show the dx on the band maps anymore, just comes to the dx spot window has this changed or a bug arrived?
Regards Steve